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We're Riding for Dreamers!

Riding for Dreamers benefits the...
FRIENDS of the FATHERLESS Mentoring Camp.

The ride is a 20 miles of Fitness Fun...
However those of us that start feeling the pain, devoid of the pleasure, are welcome to turn around on the trail with no shame!

Families are welcome to JOIN US for a
FAMILY FUN DAY of Riding for a CAUSE!

DREAMERS Summer Camp 2017

Starting March 1st - the application process for young boys in Metro Detroit, without a father begins.

Parents can submit an application to our 1st Annual Young Men Dreamers Camp for their youth ages 12-18 yrs.  We are gifting young men that are missing a male figure in their lives, with a Special Life Skills retreat hosted by our repertoire of Male Mentors featuring Special Guest Male Speakers from Successful Male Role Models.


50% of teens who attempt suicide are Fatherless.
50% more likely to grapple with a learning disability
164% more likely to have multiple children out of wedlock
70% of juveniles in long-term correctional facilities are Fatherless
Fatherless Males are 3 times more likely to drop out of school
...and 200% more likely to have emotional behavior problems like anger, depression and domestic violence and they also engage in drug and alcohol abuse.

While we are there, young men will be able to experience camp amenities, along with special skills training to help them become natural survivalists.  We are happy to launch this event right here in Michigan at Miracle Camp & Retreat Center located in Lawton, Michigan. Download an application below...

*Special Guests Include:

Cleveland Cavaliers Kay Fielder, Dr. Eddie Connor, Odis Bellinger, Jesse Cole Jr. ...
and Many More to come

Deadline is July 15th, 2017

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